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The Adventures of Adam Atom – The UWW!

Posted by theoldsilly on July 6, 2009

It’s Big Bang time again, gang!

big bang

Time for more of the atomically explosive exploits of – Adam Atom!

Adam Atom

Hey guys – glad to be back. I’m off on a slip space trip to Planet X but just wanted to stop time and deliver a couple thoughts. Much is made and thought of the World Wide Web by humans here on earth. And it is remarkable. Space Ship Earth now has come into its own with a globally inter-connected collective consciousness. Not that the planet has not had a consciousness before the WWW, it has, of course. God-consciousness pervades all of creation. Everything is a manifestation of the WORD. But the added self-awareness of human consciousness now has Mother Earth ready to enter into dialog with the Universe Wide Web. Yup. The UWW.

Ever since the Big Banger Itself let loose all the energy all those many billions of years ago, the UWW has been around. What do I mean? I mean there is as much inner space as there is outer space and the I Am of consciousness is connected with everything. Always has been, always will be. That’s what the Old Silly was thinking about when he decided to come up with this series and contracted with your buddy ol’ Adam Atom to be the star of the show. I been around, ya know? And so have you. Think about it.

With every breath you take, you inhale millions of atoms that once were a part of the body of Jesus, Buddha, Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler and Spock’s Klingon Great Aunt, Spektra Ul-icktu-chan. Touch a tree – atoms leave your body and become bark, get pecked by a woodpecker, flown up into the sky and dropped as birdy doo doo, washed into the stream by the rain and swept along into the ocean, evaporated into the sky, snatched into a solar flare time and space warp and zapped off into another dimension and world.

So where do you end and that which is not you begin?

I don’t usually wax all this heavy, but just had that on my mind today. I gotta get back into the space/time continuum now and continue on my mission. Heading off to Nibiru to see what the ancient Sumerian Sky God Anu is up to. Word has it that planet X is due back in our solar system in 2012, about the same time as the Mayan Calendar predicts the end of this version of the world.

Wish me luck. I been up there before and Anu is one bad dude. Trust me. Anu the Sumerian Sky GodBut I’ll have some inside scoop for you all next week. ‘Might shock the quarks off you, what the Sumerians of old claim he and his god-cronies pulled off here on earth some 5,000 years ago, and if half of it’s true you can bet a return visit isn’t meant to be a coctail party. But don’t worry, Adam’s got your back. I’m on the case. And now with the UWW at our disposal, methinks we can brew up a bit of problem for His Mighty Smugness.

Meantime, remember, part of you goes with me. In fact, nothing ever really goes anywhere, because IT is all right here.

What’s that? Some of you missed last week’s episode and want to see what ol’ Adam looks like in human translated from? Well, okey dokey – I’ll sign off for today lookin’ like y’all do.



Adam Atom 2

Gotta jet, guys – be talking with you all from the missing 12th planet out in the farthest reaches of our solar system next week. Don’t miss it!

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Letters From the Missions Field – God Is In Control Part Two

Posted by theoldsilly on July 5, 2009

Last Sunday I posted a guest article, written by my brother Kevin, the first half of his two-part piece, titled, “God Is In Control.” He told the story of how he had been shipped on a bus ride from hell from Marquette Branch Prison to Jackson State Prison, where he was accosted, verbally abused, strip and body cavity searched by the C. O.’s (Corrections Officers), and assigned his cell on the top tier of a monstrous cell block he described as a gigantic bird cage about a football field in length and over 50 feet high.

Frightened and broken, he wept himself to sleep that first night and tried to keep his head and faith about him as he was going to have to endure the extremely challenging conditions for probably a month of what is called “Quarantine” – an evaluation period all inmates go through to determine what facility they wind up in to serve out their sentences. If you’d like to read the whole post, just. At the end of last week’s post, he was held for several hours in a glass walled room, naked, as the C. O’s were checking out a white substance found in a glass tube discovered under his matress during a random shakedown. He didn’t know it was there, had no idea what it was, but if it was cocaine or some illegal drug left there by the previous cell occupant, he could be held responsible and face even more charges. After a harsh interrogation, another body cavity search and more verbal abuse, he was as alone and scared as any man could be – awaiting what fate he knew not as he was ordered back to his cell.

And now I turn this blog over to Kevin Wilson for part two, the conclusion of-

God Is In Control

As I walked across the prison compound back to my cell block on that cold, rainy afternoon, reliving the horrors of the past six days, Satan took his best shot at me and it was a good one. A roundhouse blow that brought me to my spiritual knees. Tears poured down my rain-soaked face as he showed me the folly of my many sins, the resulting loss of everything I held dear, the uncertain and precarious future looming before me, and the apparent hopelessness of it all.

“Father,” I prayed, “I keep thinking that it can’t get any worse. Yet, every time I hit what I think is rock bottom, that bottom gives way to another false bottom, and then another, and yet another. When will you raise me up, Lord … when?”

It was then the Holy Spirit reminded me of some words originally written to the Israelites dozens of centuries ago, and that He had recently stamped onto the tablet of my heart.

“And you shall remember that the Lord your God led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you and to test you, to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not. So He humbled you, allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.” Deuteronomy 8:2-3

“Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:28-31

As I claimed those promises, Satan was rendered helpless and he slithered away to lick his wounds. With a newfound resolve and a spring in my step, I made my way back to my cell knowing that God was in control and that all I needed to do was be faithful to Him and wait on Him. He would handle the rest. My future was in His hands and I could trust Him implicitly.

Once back in my cell, I shared with Kirk, a non-practicing Catholic, all that had occurred not only that day, but over the past five months. I told him that, regardless of all the seemingly terrible things that had happened to me, I was confident God was in absolute control and I could trust Him to do whatever He needed to do to bring glory to His name through me and to keep me safe. Kirk was very intrigued by my faith. Our conversation that day sparked more talks over the next several days. After about two weeks, Kirk came to know Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.


I would like to share with you what the Holy Spirit taught me through the experiences of those difficult six days.

Lesson #1
I need to stop focusing on the seemingly terrible things that happen and look for the miracles that He consistently accomplishes right under my nose, and that prove He is present and in control.

To the faithless (and that is too often me), these miracles may seem small, insignificant, even coincidental at the time. But when taken as a whole over a period of time, I simply cannot deny the fact that in His sovereignty He is accomplishing His will through them, and watching my back at the same time. And, if I am willing to stop worrying and whining about the circumstances that so often overwhelm me, I would be able to see the incredible work of His hand and take great comfort in it.

Take for instance all the circumstances surrounding those fateful six days from Q-block to the shakedown. Peel away the events that caused my fears to overwhelm me and look at how God was moving. It is plain to see that He not only was guiding and protecting me; He was also setting up what I like to refer to as a “divine appointment” between Kirk and me that would lead to Kirk’s salvation.

Think about it. Being that the bus from Marquette Branch Prison to Jackson only runs twice monthly, depending on what day I was sentenced, I might have spent as many as two weeks in that hell hole. As it turned out, I was held there only one night. Coincidence?

Yes, the bus ride to Jackson was a nightmare. I’d never want to go through that again. But what a blessing it was that I was chained to Tony who, in his kindness, eased a lot of my trepidation by explaining the ins and outs of prison life. His advice has proven to be invaluable. Pure luck?

The bird cages at Jackson State Prison, shakedown and all, were a harrowing experience I will never forget and would never wish upon anyone. Yet being bunked with Kirk not only eased my anxieties, it also gave the Lord the opportunity to reach out to Kirk through me. Just a chance happenstance?

Do you see it? Too often I focus on the negative situations that confront me and miss the incredible work that God wants to do through me and for me. I shudder to think of how many opportunities for blessings and ministry I have missed because I failed to realize how big God is and how easily I could help accomplish His will if I would just trust Him more.

When I read the Old Testament story of the Israelites, I often am annoyed by their childish and immature lack of faith. God parts the Red Sea for them one day and a couple days later they are whining for lack of water. God provides water from a rock in the desert, then they grumble for lack of food. God delivers them manna from heaven and they want meat instead. As I read I get so disgusted with them, yet I am not one iota stronger in my faith than they were. This must change and the Holy Spirit will assist me if I allow Him to.

Lesson #2
I need to learn to recognize when God is manifesting His presence to me in the manner in which He chooses, not necessarily in the manner I choose or desire, and to take comfort in the fact that His presence indicates He is in command of all things.

Too often, when I am in the midst of one of my woe-is-me moments, I cry out to Him and ask Him to give me relief, to make His presence known to me. What exactly is it I am expecting – a warm, fuzzy feeling to come over me and make me feel all better? Do I require an audible voice to calm my fears? Or maybe I want Him to fix my problems in the manner in which I demand with no consideration for what He is trying to bring to pass. I just want Him to do what I think will make me feel better. Now.

Time and time again, over the course of the past six months, God has revealed Himself to me, not as a warm fuzzy feeling, or by speaking to me in a human voice, or by accommodating my selfish petitions, but rather by doing His will with me as one of His instruments. What greater blessing is there than that? What more proof do I need? Still in all, within days of witnessing a miracle, with me serving as a tool guided by God’s hands, I am right back to whining and floundering about in the quicksand of my fledgling faith just like the ancient Israelites. This too must change, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

So yes, God is in total control and He will succeed in His plan much more easily if I can learn to trust in Him without question or complaint. Please pray for my continued spiritual growth in that direction.

Oh yeah – that white powdery substance the C. O. found under my mattress during the shakedown? Never heard another word about it. It must’ve tested negative for any known illicit drug. The inmate who occupied that cell before me certainly had some reason to take such pains to hide whatever it was. Maybe God changed the chemical properties of it from cocaine to Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder. I’ll bet the lab technician is still shaking his head about that one! (wink and smile)


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A Saturday Pontification

Posted by theoldsilly on July 4, 2009

speak the truth

Today’s wiseness comes courtesy of Pyzahn, at the Prattle From the Flatlands blog.

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Nancy Famolari – An Interesting Author

Posted by theoldsilly on July 3, 2009

VBTLast Wednesday I posted some information aboutNancy Famolari author Nancy Famolari’s book, Summer’s Secret, part one of a two post feature. This is something that I do monthly as a member of the Yahoo writers group, VBT – Writers On The Move. And as promised, today I have the pleasure of introducing you further to Nancy the person and writer, with this interview. As you will read, Nancy is a very interesting woman with quite the background from which to author her style of books.


Marvin: Nancy, tell us a little about yourself.

Nancy: I live in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband, five horses, two dogs and five white cats. My favorite hobby is trail riding. My horse, Ambrosa de la Pluma is a registered Paso Fino. The breed came to the new world from Spain. Paso Finos have a unique four beat gait that is very smooth. They can go for hours on the trail. They are smart and friendly and make wonderful companions. My husband and I try to ride at least four times a week. We feel so luck to live in an area with lots of space for riding.

Marvin: What inspired you to write this story?

Nancy: Summer’s Story takes place in the fast paced world of harness racing. For fourteen years, my husband and I had a small Standardbred breeding farm in New Jersey. We raised and raced these marvelous horses. Harness racing is very exciting. There are many heart warming stories about an owner or trainer believing in their horse and against the odds getting the horse to win a big race. This is what happens in Summer’s Story. There are also people who take advantage of both horses and people for personal gain, not caring the least about how the horse is affected. I believed these elements would make a good novel. I hope people agree.

Marvin: Do you have a favorite character?

Nancy: Summer Langston is my favorite character. She’s a very determined lady who cares about her horse, Meadow, and overcomes severe personal and professional obstacles to get her horse to the winner’s circle. In the process, she learns something about herself and how to give and receive love. I like the fact that she’s gutsy and doesn’t give up easily.

Marvin: What is your typical writing schedule like?

Nancy: I try to write everyday for two hours. Obviously this isn’t easy with farm chores and other activities. During Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) I can almost always keep to the schedule because the incentive is to have a novel at the end of the month. I find the first draft fun and relatively easy to do. Editing is the part that gives me trouble. Summer’s Story which will soon be available from Red Rose Publishing, I was extremely lucky in my editor. She made useful comments pointing out where I wasn’t make my characters come across and, of course, how to improve my writing skills.

Marvin: What are your future writing plans?

Nancy: I have a second book under contract to Red Rose Publishing. This novel is a murder mystery, Murder in Montbleu. The setting is a small town in Pennsylvania similar to the one I live in. I’ve become very friendly with the characters in this novel and have two other novels that use the same setting, Lake House and Buttermilk Falls Murder. I’m still in the process of editing them, but hope to find a home for them.


So there you have some inside scoop about Nancy Famolari. Please leave a comment and/or question for her – she will be dropping in today to chat with you all in the comments gallery.

For more information on Nancy’s blogs and upcoming books, go to:

To get a copy of Summer’s Secret, click on the title.

- Oh, and guys? Helena Harper, another esteemed member of the VBT Yahoo group, is doing a feature on The Old Silly today at her blog. Stop by when you’re out blog-hopping, she did a bang up job!

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Awards, Awards … all the Wonderful Awards!

Posted by theoldsilly on July 2, 2009

One of the best fringe benefits of active blogging and social networking in the wonderful Kingdom of Bloggydom is the great people you “e-meet” and befriend. Really. Some of the greatest peeps on the planet are bloggers. And being such kind, thoughtful, and benevolent individuals, bloggers like to create and bestow awards on each other. It’s nice. A random act of kindness gesture.

Me, I’m not so big on it. Been dubbed a bah-humbug about it by some – the avid blog award crowd, but it’s not that I don’t appreciate receiving awards, I do. It’s just that, well … the thoughts that count are far more important to me than having a bazillion buttons adorning my blog. Seeing the traffic, subscriptions, comments, loyal and new reader stats growing is what gets the Old Silly all silly giddy happy. The best recognition someone can give me comes in the form of regular visits to my blog, leaving comments that are thoughtful and indicate that the person actually read the post, taking the time to click on Tweety Bird and tweeting the post out if they thought it was really good, if they are bloggers themselves making a mention once in a while of this blog on theirs with a hyperlinked text word or phrase that drives traffic here … that kind of stuff. That’s what I do for blogs and their authors that I love and respect – that’s the kind of award I award for those I think are award-worthy.

You will notice please that I have added a page to this blog especially for awards. On that page are bunches of awards that I accumulated whilst hosting the old Free Spirit blog. Not all of them are there, I lost a whole boatload of them that I hadn’t stored in “My Pictures” before, got excommunicated by the Google Nazis, but this is my way of compromising with my good and esteemed friends from the awards-granting, accepting, and passing along crowd.  

All that being said, I am making an exception this once and posting an acceptance and heartfelt thanks to the following two great bloggy buddies who bestowed awards already to this brand new blog. Again, what I most appreciate about these two people is that they are regular visitors and commenters here, and even sometimes refer to The Old Silly’s blog on their own blogs. Awesome and sooooo appreciated. But since they gave these awards to me from their hearts, from my heart to theirs I do say with all sincerity, “Thank You!”

First off, Reforming Geek gave the Old Silly this “I Heart Your blog” award-

 Award I Love Your Blog

Very cool – and now for Helen Ginger, who thought enough of me to bestow this “Friendship” award-

 Award Friendship Blog

Both of these women have excellent blogs that I visit on a daily basis. On my old Free Spirit blog I did a weekly “Follow These Blogs” feature and shouted their blogs out with a mighty endorsement, and I do again hereby heartilly reccommend that you look them up and follow them. Worth every cyber second of your visits.

Helen Ginger also tagged me with a meme game. This post is getting long so I will not go into that right now – subject of another similar post as this one – I’m not very big on meme and tag games either. Shoot me. Wait. Nothing that severe – just pull my thumbnails out slowly with pliers? I do want to live. So but anyway, I will grace Helen’s request to take up the tag, just this once.

But that’s another post – coming soon. (wink)

Oh – before you comment and leave for the day, here’s two awards that are exclusively the Old Silly’s – nobody else has them unless they come directly from me. And in the spirit of good natured accommodation for all those who love blog awards, I do hereby grant anyone permission to grab one or both and put them on your blogs. If you are here and still reading this nonsensical and contradictory post you definitely deserve them! LOL

First, for any blogger who likes to entertain with their blog, please accept this one from me to you-


Award Excellence in Entertainment


And last but certainly not least – here’s one I’d LOVE for you to have if you are ready to come out of denial and admit your addiction to Marvin’s books and blogs. Wear this badge proudly upon your blog and admit to the entire Kingdom of Bloggydom that you are a Marvaholic! It’s the first all important step in recovery – nothing to be ashamed of, you have a disease, that’s all. Go ahead, grab the image and start out on the path of freedom from the deadly throes of your vice!

Marvaholics Anonymous Button

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